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Thursday, February 26, 2009, 5:48 PM
When was the last time i posted? Damn.

ANYWHO, Science is so much easier now! finallyy. 
Well this whole week, Science has all been
about our solar system, the universe and all of that.
It got me thinking about life, and
how the two are quite similar. 
You see, no matter how hard we try, how many
leaps of science we make, or developments of
technology with all of these new telescopes and stuff,
we will never know what is truly out there.
The stars, the planets, the endless space will always
hold some kind of mystery or suspense to what must
really be out there. And yet, you can't help but look up
at the beauty of it. Yennoe what I mean? Life is just
like that. We never know exactly what it means, 
and we never know what may happen. But that's the beauty 
of it all. So we just carry on wishing and hoping that
One day.. It may all be clear.

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