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can you hear me out there
have you ever had someone who loved you
never leave your side
i know youll be here

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Sunday, March 15, 2009, 10:26 AM

this is to 4am phone calls and tears that can't be wiped away by tissues. this is to valued phone numbers that you call every night. this is for all of those saved messages on your phone, reflecting memories through your head. this is to those who live with a heart that has long since been broken. this is to the"what ifs" and to the "wiishes" that will never come true. this is to holding your breath in that one perfect moment and being terrified that you'll blink and it'll all be gone. this is to when it's all gone, and you feel like there is nothing left. this is to everything you thought once meant something, but never did. this is to what didn't happen. this is to knowing a relationship may or may not work out, but taking the leap anyway. this is to finding him, and holding on tight. this is for those who fall in love in their dreams, and wake up only to wish to be sleeping again. this is for true love never ignited. this is for love that can't be shown. this is to the heart behind the eyes. this is for the love behind the melody. this is for those who never get it, those who wonder where love starts. this is to that one person who thinks you're the kindest, sweetest smartest, and most beautiful person ever. this is to the one person who thinks you mean everything. this is for losing that person. this is for loving him, but having to say no to him. this is for the nights where you can't sleep because every word they said plays over and over. this is for the days you stay home because your heart is too weak from thinking too much. this is to letting go. this is to beautiful people who are just beautiful friends. this is to that butterfly feeling you get when they're around. this is to the night where feelings changed. this is to the very first kiss. this is to eye contact, avoiding it, keeping it, trying to hide it. this is to working for what you want. this is to the boy that lets her give up, to the parents that are so naive. this is to the little boy that looks up to his older brother. this is to the older brother, who looks up, even more to their brother. this is for being so in love that it fucking scares you. this is to the words unspoken. this is to you.

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