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can you hear me out there
have you ever had someone who loved you
never leave your side
i know youll be here

denzel ace austria
St. Pat's Regional Secondary
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Sunday, March 15, 2009, 8:23 PM
This ones for you, the one whose been hanging on by a thread. 
This ones for you, the one who the world forgot. 
This ones for you who cries yourself to sleep with the music blaring singing of forgotten love and emptiness. 
This ones for you gets walked all over every day. 
This ones for you who knows nothing to do but sit back and watch like a car accident; you dont want to look at the pain but something draws you to it and grasps your attention. 
This ones for you who cant bear to draw yourself out of bed in the morning. 
This ones for you who fakes a smile and fools everyone, every day of your life. 
This ones for you who hides behind the words "Im fine". 
This ones for you who laughs as she drags the shiny blade across her delicate skin and watches the crimson blood hit the clean white carpet. 
This ones for you who loves the rain, where no one can see her tears. 
This ones for you who tries to help everyone else when she cant even help yourself. 
This ones for you whose been picked apart and treated like a science project, whose been "rescued" over and over again only to fall once more. 
This ones for you whos been left behind and always last in line. 
This ones for you whos scared to love because everyone you know always goes away in the end. 
This ones for you whos just afraid of never getting better. 
This ones for you whos day begins and ends with pills that are suppose to cure everything. 
This ones for you whos last thought before falling asleep is let this be my last breath and first thought in the morning is let this be my last day. 
This ones for you
The one who never gave the world a chance.

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